Service-oriented health insurance partners in St Louis, MO advocate for you when you need it most

The insurance marketplace is complex. We have the capability and facts to explain each option carefully. When you choose our agency, you get:

A skilled and experienced team

We boast highly-educated professionals, who are leaders in the industry. CEO, Brian Ernst, has a notable career focused primarily on senior insurance and marketing.

A wide array of options

Our broad portfolio includes a variety of products, from which we provide several viable options to meet your situation and budget.

Customized annual evaluation

Every client is invited to take advantage of an annual no-cost evaluation of their insurance and financial situation to make sure they have complete coverage and are on the right track.

Above and beyond attitude

We focus on your needs and go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. If that means seeking more information or appealing on your behalf, we do whatever it takes. Unlike many competitors, we keep in close contact with our clients, with regular updates, and we stand up to the carriers when you need support. We pick you up when others let you down.

Service-oriented environment

Our office is open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you cannot come to us, we are happy to come to your home or a convenient location to meet with you.

Brian Ernst

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Kuhn

Vice President

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