Final Expense Life Insurance

Cover costs related to your final send-off

Help your family prepare for the future

 Are you considering final expense insurance? Even if you have the most responsible, financially stable adult children, having an insurance policy that covers funeral expenses relieves your loved ones of an additional burden.

The insurance professionals at Senior Health Solutions, LLC build a relationship with you, our client, so we can tailor your plan for expenses within a set budget to meet your wishes.

We offer a no-cost consultation and a free planning guide. We will discuss the benefits of final life insurance so you can determine if it is an option for you and your family.

We are your advocate!

You may wonder what burial insurance costs as well as what it covers. Senior Health Solutions offers a variety of plans from multiple companies, with various guidelines and cost structures.

When purchasing burial insurance, you name a beneficiary—typically a family member or close friend. This will give you the flexibility of picking a funeral home when the time comes.

As your advocate, we go through the various options. We welcome you to bring family members in with you as you discuss funeral or insurance-related concerns. Your family cares about your well-being, and we want you to be comfortable with your decisions about end-of-life costs.

How much does a typical funeral cost in Missouri?

Although funerals, like weddings, vary widely, the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that the average funeral costs more than $7000 .

Of course, prices vary based on your specific arrangements, which may include:

  • A wake/viewing
  • Burial or cremation (or both)
  • An elaborate celebration at a specific venue
  • Catering, flowers, musicians and other expenses
  • Costs and arrangements for a non-traditional funeral
  • If you wish to have a funeral in a different state – or even in another country – travel and other expenses

Our final wishes book helps you plan for a special celebration of life

As our gift to you, we provide a final wishes book. This resource walks you through the various aspects of funeral planning and helps you make decisions today, so your family and friends aren’t burdened with tough choices when the time comes. Contact our office today for your free final wishes book and consultation.

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You want to leave your loved ones with pleasant memories, not bills. Contact us to start planning for funeral and medical bills that you think may cause some trouble for family members. We are here to help!