Income Protection Counseling

Counselors Give St. Louis Area Seniors Options for Protecting their Income

Offering tailored solutions to your individual financial circumstances

 When you have worked your entire life to save money for your “golden years,” you want to protect it. At Senior Health Solutions, LLC, we provide clients throughout Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas with an assortment of income protection options. We think of our clients as family, and as such, we want what is best for you. Our company is known locally for tax-savvy solutions and excellent customer service. We invite you to come and have a free, no-obligation discussion.

Reducing taxes and protecting your income in retirement

In order to know how to help you, we begin with a comprehensive look at your current finances. Then we tailor options for your specific economic situation.

We understand that you want to avoid taxes, so we focus on ways for you to keep more of your money. This may include a real estate tax deferment program or other incentive/deferment programs.
Understanding home equity conversions

Home equity conversions, sometimes called “reverse mortgages,” allow people who are more than 62 years old to access the equity in a home and provide a source of money. Home equity conversions are federally approved programs for homeowners. Depending on the lender and your needs, you can:

  • Eliminate your current mortgage
  • Get a single lump sum, if you need a one-time payout
  • Get a monthly amount paid to you
  • Have line of credit to draw upon as needed
  • All of the above

This money is paid to you tax free. It does not need to be paid back as long as you live in your home. You will not incur a monthly payment because the funds are repaid when your home is eventually sold.

Whether you are paying too much tax or could qualify for a tax credit for the elderly, we advise you on options. If you are still working, yet caring for a disabled or elderly spouse or relative, you may be able to get a tax credit.

We know you are concerned about protecting your assets. Senior Health Solutions specializes in protecting seniors, and provides a free assessment of your portfolio and plans, checking that you are not paying excessive taxes. In fact, we offer a free, no obligation income protection counseling session every single year. This gives you the peace of mind you need and allows the option to make changes to improve your situation annually.

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