Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Options For Missouri Seniors

Medicare Advantage plans

Cover all the same aspects as traditional Medicare, but may also offer additional benefits. licensed agents are helpful & service-oriented. They can walk you through the process of learning about Medicare Advantage plans, explaining the additional benefits, and deciding if they are right for you.

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Traditional Medicare can often be confusing and may not always offer the most value available to you. Rather than using traditional Medicare coverage, Medicare recipients have the option to use a Medicare Advantage plan offered by private insurance carriers and provided to you by our experienced team at Senior Health Solutions. Some plans are available for a low to $0 monthly premium.

Do Medicare Advantage plans cover all aspects of traditional Medicare?

Medicare Advantage plans from Senior Health Solutions will cover the same services that original Medicare would, plus several additional benefits not offered by traditional Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans generally include several parts:
  • Medicare Part A:

    Part A covers hospital services such as inpatient services, nursing facility care, hospice care, and some home health care.

  • Medicare Part B:

    Part B covers outpatient care such as doctor visits, medical devices, and preventative services.

  • Medicare prescription drug coverage:

    Sometimes called Medicare Part D, prescription drugs are very often covered under Medicare and Medicare advantage plans. If the plan does not have prescription drug coverage, you will have the option to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

  • Medicare Advantage plans

    may also cover vision, dental, or other services depending on the specific plan.

We can help you with finding a plan to suit your needs at no cost to you.

What plans are available in my area and how do I qualify?

Medicare Advantage plans are available under several types of insurance platforms and you may be eligible for several kinds. There are basic eligibility requirements that must be met however:

  • You must currently have Medicare Part A and Part B
  • You must not have end-stage renal diseases
  • You must live in the plan service area. Service areas are determined by county
Once you meet the basic eligibility requirements, you can determine which type of plan is best for you. Some available plan types include:
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): These plans offer a primary care physician as your main source of healthcare. Other services are generally by referral or in case of emergency
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): These plans offer more flexibility for visiting different doctors within the plan network
  • Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS): These plans usually involve a flat fee for certain services to be covered by the provider and by you. There may also be fewer limitations on your choice of doctors
  • Medicare Medical Savings Account: These plans involve a plan with high deductibles paired with a special type of savings account that you use to have funds to meet the deductible

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