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Greater St. Louis, Missouri Area's Agent Marketing Solutions Seeks Agents to Sell Senior Insurance

Agent Marketing Solutions - a top company for senior insurance sales

 Agent Marketing Solutions (AMS) is seeking Agents to sell senior health insurance and other related products. AMS is a division of Senior Health Solutions, LLC, one of  the leading providers of senior insurance in the Greater St. Louis area. Founded in 2011, Senior Health Solutions, LLC has quickly grown based upon its range and quality of products, along with strong support of its agents. At AMS, agents receive top level contracts and top level support. If you are a hard worker who embraces outside-the-box thinking and want a fast-track to success, then AMS is interested in talking to you about supporting you as an independent agent or agency.

How does Agent Marketing Solutions provide support for agents?

 As an agent, in addition to receiving top level contracts to help you meet production and compensation requirements , agents receive the best leads and in-depth training. We have proven methods that work, proven training programs and marketing materials to help agents excel in the field. Training is offered either via webinar or  in a classroom setting. Whether you are a new or experienced agent, we can fill in the gaps in your training and set you up for consistent insurance sales success. And, to help increase sales, we offer agents credits for leads and mailers – the more you sell, the more mailers you will receive at no cost.
Our full-service corporate office in St. Charles is available to agents for meetings, local seminars and client meetings.  Or, if you need additional marketing materials, simply stop by the corporate office and pick them up.
Considering becoming an agent, but don’t have a license? AMS will help you achieve licensing through training and reimbursement of license testing.

What do I need to be an agent for AMS?

First and foremost, you need a willingness to work hard and a commitment to customer service. Second, you need to be open to outside-the-box sales techniques. AMS offers products to a specific segment of individuals. Therefore, AMS and Senior Health Solutions, LLC have worked hard to establish best practices in senior insurance sales. Agents must display a willingness to learn our system and understand how it is set up for success. Previous insurance sales and licensing is a plus, but AMS provides significant training and licensing assistance and will mentor you for success.

Contact us for more information about how you can become an AMS agent today

 If you are interested in senior insurance sales in the Greater St. Louis area, then AMS is interested is speaking with you. Contact us by phone at (636) 244-4415 or online .