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Long-term medical care is expensive. Whether getting help at home or in a nursing facility, your family could pay a hefty price without insurance. Each year an estimated 11 million American adults require long-term care. And we’re living longer.

The experienced team at Senior Health Solutions, LLC can advise you of the various options and costs to pick the most suitable plan. Having long-term insurance can help prevent a financial burden from falling upon your children, grandchildren, or other family members should you need expensive daily care.

Avoid Unwanted Financial Burdens

Unlike traditional health insurance, long-term care (LTC) insurance is meant to cover services and supports that a person will need, perhaps for the rest of their life. These services include personal and custodial care in your home, a community organization, or other facilities.
Having long-term insurance coverage provides a financial buffer for expenses that can quickly add up. In-home care costs start at $21 per hour and semi-private rooms in a nursing home can start at more than $6000 per month. At such rates, it is easy to understand why health-related bills are the biggest cause of personal bankruptcy.

Long term care insurance covers costs associated with daily help for adults with:

Alzheimer’s and dementia – Disabilities – Chronic illnesses – Limited mobility due to age or injury

  • When should you buy it?

    In general, it is less expensive if you purchase long-term care insurance before you turn 60, but there are options available for seniors. Although premiums may surprise you, the benefits highly outweigh the costs. Most health insurance policies that include skilled nursing may not kick in until an initial period of time has passed. These costs then fall on you or your loved ones.

  • What else should you know?

    The IRS does not tax long term insurance payments. This means you will not be penalized by the government.

    Having long term insurance may also keep you from having to liquidate assets in order to cover your expenses. One of our associates will cover the financial benefits of long-term care insurance at your initial visit.

What do long-term care insurance plans cover?

Even if you’re in good health now, it’s important to be prepared for the “what if.”

Long-term insurance prepares you for a variety of costs, including:

  • Custodial care (dressing, bathing, moving about, eating, etc.)
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Visiting nurses
  • Skilled nursing units
  • Assisted living
  • Mental health care
  • Deductibles for your primary health care
  • Temporary in-home care, should your primary care giver need help or “time off”

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