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St. Louis Area seniors need dental and vision insurance

 Dental and vision problems mount as you age. Many people believe that their basic medical insurance will help cover dental and vision care. This is simply not the case. Furthermore, only pediatric dental and vision care is required under the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, seniors must purchase stand-alone dental and vision policies in order to receive the best care possible. The dental and vision insurance specialists at Senior Health Solutions, LLC work with seniors throughout the St. Louis area to identify their insurance needs and provide sound insurance solutions to meet those needs.

Do I receive dental and vision coverage as part of Medicare?

Your basic Medicare coverage does not include dental and vision coverage. Instead, you have to purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan through a private company, however, not all Medicare Advantage plans provide this coverage. The options are to either enroll in a stand-alone dental plan, or, contact the professionals at Senior Health Solutions to enroll in an Medicare Advantage plan that offers dental coverage.

Additional plans can cover both dental and vision coverage. Some dental and vision services which are directly related to other medical care may be covered through Medicare Part A and Part B. But again, basic exams and care are not. Missouri does offer stand-alone dental and vision care plans for adults. Our dental and vision insurance professionals help you understand which private insurance plan works best for you and how to obtain that coverage.

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