Hospital Indemnity Coverage

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The Main Cause of Bankruptcy in America

One of the most daunting aspects of getting a grave medical diagnosis is the cost. At Senior Health Solutions, LLC, we don’t just help clients who are over 65. We also offer insurance options focused on the costs of cancer, critical illness, and long-term care. In the US, medical bills lead to more people filing for bankruptcy than any other reason.

If you don’t have insurance and get a first-time cancer diagnosis, you may still qualify. Targeted insurance options, like cancer insurance, help families prevent overwhelming costs that could otherwise crush your finances.

How does hospital indemnity insurance work?

If you are hospitalized, the unexpected costs can be formidable. Perhaps – without knowing it – you have had tests that were not covered by your primary insurance, or, due to a high deductible, you owe a large amount of money after a hospital stay. To prevent such sticker shock, Senior Health Solutions offers hospital indemnity plans to help with expenses not covered by your other health insurance. Some policies pay regardless of network.

Every plan is different, but they generally pay a lump sum to cover uncovered hospital bills and other medical expenses related to a hospital stay. Most plans cover both illness and accident-related emergency visits and admissions.

We identify the right options for you

At Senior Health Solutions, our job is to educate you. We provide you with a variety of products depending on your individual needs. Many clients come to us with questions. At your no-obligation, free appointment, we address:

  • Specific products we offer

    SHS’s products cover hospital indemnity, critical care, and cancer insurance, as well as other kinds of financial products.

  • How much do policies cost?

    Costs and payment structures vary. We take your budgetary constraints into account and plan for your unique situation.

  • What costs do policies cover?

    Each policy is different, but most policies target certain medically-related costs and post-operative care needs. Some policies include riders for ambulance trips, critical accidents, skilled nursing care, outpatient surgery, and more.

  • How critical care policies are paid, and who gets the payment

    Insurance often pays a lump sum to you or a designated family member, but this varies from product to product.

  • Qualifying

    Some products require health screenings or age parameters, many do not.

Understanding critical illness insurance

Generally critical illness insurance offers lump-sum payouts for individuals with a serious illness diagnosis, which may require expensive, long-term care.

As policies, costs and coverage varies, our associates sit down and explain all your options clearly before choosing a critical illness insurance policy.

Need a Cancer Plan? We have you covered.

Health insurance experts provide sound advice Cancer is a group of diseases in which cells develop and spread abnormally. Although there are certain risk factors, anyone can get cancer. In the US, approximately 78 percent of cancers occur in people age 55 or over. In Missouri alone, it is estimated that just fewer than 34,000 people receive new diagnoses of cancer per year. At Senior Health Solutions, we have coverage to offset the costs of cancer.

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