Does Medicare Cover Hearing?

Medicare and hearing coverage

Medicare has vast coverage. But how much it covers depends on you, as you have several options when it comes to Medicare plans. Some plans will save you on certain costs that others won’t. Medicare can cover hearing, but this requires enrolling in a particular type of Medicare policy.

What Medicare Plans Do Not Cover Hearing?

Medicare is broken down into four Parts:

  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Part C
  • Part D

Many individuals carry Medicare Part A and Part B. This is the most basic coverage, and the combination of these two policies is called Original Medicare. Part A offers inpatient treatment costs, as well as the costs for staying in an inpatient facility. Part B covers outpatient treatments, helping policyholders save 80% on costs related to preventive services, immunizations, and medical equipment.

But hearing coverage is absent from Original Medicare, which can make those with hearing issues hesitate to enroll. Hearing coverage is also not featured in Part D, because that only deals with drug coverage.

What Form Of Medicare Covers Hearing?

The answer is in Medicare Part C – also known as Medicare Advantage.

It combines Part A’s inpatient coverage and Part B’s outpatient coverage, while also offering benefits not seen in Original Medicare – this includes gym memberships, dental appointments, nutrition plans, and hearing treatments.

This coverage takes place within a network, so you will need to check with your plan to see which hearing specialists in your area have a contract with your insurer.

How Do I Get Medicare Advantage?

While Original Medicare may not work in your interest if you have hearing problems, you’ll still need to have Part A and Part B before you can enroll in Medicare Advantage.

You can enroll during one of these enrollment periods:

  • Initial Enrollment
  • Special Enrollment
  • Annual Enrollment

The Initial Enrollment Period begins three months before you turn 65, and it ends three months after you turn 65. You can join Medicare Advantage right away.

If you did not join during the Initial Enrollment Period, you would need to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B during the General Enrollment Period, which is from January 1 to March 31. Then you will have the Special Enrollment Period beginning April 1 and ending on June 30, and you will be able to enroll in Medicare Advantage at this time.

If you already have Original Medicare and want to switch to a plan with hearing coverage, you may do so during the Annual Enrollment Period, which lasts from October 15 to December 7.

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