Don’t Miss Out on Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Be prepared to make changes

The annual enrollment period for Medicare is fast approaching. This narrow period is from October 15 to December 7. During this time, individuals change their Medicare plan for the upcoming year. This is an ideal time to evaluate whether your current Medicare plan is really serving you as best it can. 

During the open enrollment period, you can make a number of important changes, including: 

•         Enroll in Original Medicare

•         Change your Original Medicare plan to Medicare Advantage

•         Change Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare

•         Switch your current Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare Advantage plan

•         Switch your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan to another

•         Enroll in Medicare Part D

If you do not make changes during the annual enrollment period, you may still be able to make changes after this point. However, you may be subject to penalties.  

Senior Health Solutions, LLC offers senior citizens reliable advice regarding insurance products that they are eligible for. Our Medicare coverage is designed to fit your particular needs. Our insurance professionals can evaluate whether you are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. We can also determine if you are enrolled in the right Medicare plan, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D

If you miss the enrollment period or you are not yet eligible for Medicare, our insurance specialists can discuss other enrollment periods, such as the initial election period when you first become eligible for Medicare. This period commences three months before entitlement to Medicare Part A and Part B and ends on the last day of the third month after this eligibility arises. During this time, you can enroll in Medicare Advantage Plan with drug coverage or in stand-alone Medicare Part D coverage. A special enrollment period may be available if you experience a qualifying event.  

If you approach the open enrollment period with the right information ahead of time, you will not have to worry about your coverage next year. Knowing the type of coverage that you have in place will help you to budget for the upcoming year. The decisions that you make during this time are important, so that is why it is critical to have professional and seasoned advice to help guide you. Unless there is a special enrollment period or initial enrollment period available to you, the coverage that you have in place by the end of the annual enrollment period will stay effective until October 2017.  

Knowing about the enrollment period is the first step in ensuring that you have the right coverage in place. Senior Health Solutions, LLC is available to help guide you through the process and explain the various options available to you. If you need more information about the open enrollment period, contact the St. Louis insurance professionals at Senior Health Solutions, LLC by calling (636) 244-4415 or online. We can help you determine what changes in Medicare coverage may best serve your interests in an expeditious manner.

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