How to Sell Insurance in 5 Easy Steps

Having trouble landing a sale? It’s not as easy as some people make it look. Sales is a combination of research and marketing. At Senior Health Solutions, we train independent agents as soon as they start. Below we listed some of the most effective and basic insurance sales tips for you to follow.

Step 1: Research Your Clients

You wouldn’t go into a job interview without knowing what it was for, right? If you are going on a sales call it’s important to know everything about who your client is and what you’re presenting to your client. Knowing who you are making a sale to will help you understand their point-of-view and allow you to make better judgement calls on how to frame your presentation.

Older clients? Maybe they have a different perspective on paying monthly supplements. Women? Maybe they have kids and don’t have much time to listen to your pitch. Knowing what makes a potential client want to purchase and doing the sales research will help boost your sales in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Step 2: Relate Your Service to Your Clients

When you are in the room with the person you are presenting to, you want to start off the conversation with something that relates to them. If you jump into your presentation too soon, they won’t feel as if they need to listen to it; nothing is keeping them invested in your sale. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

The easiest way to do this is to strike up a conversation about how their day is going. This will let them relax and open up about their daily life and you can later relate the presentation to their personal life. Doing this gives the presentation more authenticity and the client feels more invested in your service.

Step 3: Don’t Take Over the Conversation

Your presentation should be a mutual conversation and not just you speaking at them. The client or customer will feel that they have no investment in your service if they aren’t able to say anything. So listen more than you talk. The client will tell you what is important to them and you can use this information when presenting.

Getting the customers to talk about your service will allow them to imagine themselves using it. This will practically sell for you because then they understand how their life might function easier with whatever you are selling.

Step 4: Consider “No” as a Request for Different Information

Maybe your clients aren’t interested in signing up for Medicare or they are already signed up for it. Don’t just give up if they say no. Offer something different because they might not know it exists or that they have a need for it.

Many people are focused on the main product, but they might need a Hospital Indemnity plan in case they go to the hospital and cannot afford a copay. Being able to get the information to the client might be what makes the sale for you. If they never know about all of the different services, how will they know they can sign up for them?

Step 5: Remember, Clients Are Only Human

It’s easy to forget that everyone is human when you go on sales call after sales call. Things start to blend together and it’s difficult to keep them separated. The best way to fix this is to relate things about your life to the clients.

Remember that they might be just as busy as you are or they might have already heard the same presentation from someone else. They are not always going to be happy and readily available and that’s okay. Just make sure to follow up, be kind, and talk about how your service will make their life easier because really, that’s what we’re all looking for, right?

At Senior Health Solutions, we offer a great learning environment for our Insurance Advisors to thrive in. Our agents are offered 20-30 new leads every week with the ability to create their own schedule. If you’re ready to sell insurance or learn more insurance selling strategies, give us a call today or apply on our website today!

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