Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance Right For You?

Medical insurance is designed to cover the cost of basic care: a visit to the doctor here, a test there, prescriptions, and necessary hospital procedures. As you age, the likelihood of a major health crisis increases. For instance, your risk of cancer increases dramatically. Additionally, your risk of heart attack, stroke, or another acute episode, which may cause long-term hospitalization also increases. In the moment when you need it most, you and your family should not have to worry about your basic medical insurance coverage.

Tragically, many individuals and families later discover that numerous hospital costs were not covered through their basic insurance. Government-provided insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid are notorious for not always covering the full cost of care and the full range of medical services and equipment.  Even when hospital systems try to work with patient on high bills, the results are mixed. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the most likely cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical costs. For these reasons and more, many seniors look to hospital indemnity insurance coverage so that they are not the victim of both a health and financial crisis.

Whether hospital indemnity insurance is right for you is a very personal question. You must examine the risks previously referenced for acute episodes like heart attack and stroke. You must examine whether you have a family history of cancer. Perhaps you already have identified current health issues which will likely lead to complications and long hospitalizations in the future. Further, you have to examine your financial health and determine how much cash you have on hand to pay uninsured hospital expenses.  Once you examine these factors, you will be in a far better position to determine whether you need hospital indemnity insurance.

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